Seventeen Stones Series

Seventeen Stones, (aka The Magus Trilogy) is the first story that I ever finished, though not the first one I ever published. I wanted to write a cool world where everyone had magic, and it's a really nice place to visit. Sometimes I re-read this one when I want to escape from real life for a bit.I have a total of nine books planned for this series: three sets of three. I began writing them when my daughter was young, so the first book is on a Jr. High level, but I wanted to be able to age the series up with each trilogy. I'm working on the next book now, and I hope to have it out sometime next year. Keep an eye on this page. I have boxes of background information on this world and from time to time I'm planning to add links to some of it here (though digging it out of my closet is a work in progress!)